Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 33 The Zero Truck

Happy Birthday to GREAT Sally.....check your mail tomorrow!! :)  Hope you had a great day!!

So....we've tuned in to the Super the beginning of the 4th quarter nevertheless!!!  There was a Ford Tough truck commercial on...the one with Toby Keith....from Oklahoma...  you know how we "wave" with one finger while we driving, right?  Real casual like, hand on the wheel, raise index finger only and wave.  The commercial was saying something about then Ford and Oklahoma being #1...that's why we wave that way.  I was telling Dusty all of this towards the end of the commercial.   Then, JJ said, "ya...or you can drive a zero truck!  He held up a zero with his fingers.... then said, " steering wheel...its a zero truck!!"  We cracked up!!! So, here's his ZERO!

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