Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 85 Catch Up! Not Ketchup!! :)

These are a few that I'm behind on...I'll add more.... 
once I find the camera.  AGAIN.  
Our neighbors down the road were robbed in broad 
daylight last month.
I think I hid the camera from them.  
Apparently from me too!! :(

Hannalee, Papa Jerry and JJ....I'm not sure if they all meant to
pose just like this with their legs or not?! :)  Cute!!!

Why I'm a mom!!!  
Happy Mother's Day!

JJ and Jack at church Cubbies program!

JJ at his cubbies church program

Hannalee at the park!!!

Dusty's last day of teaching Kindergarten!!! They always have gone to
the sand pit!!!!!  Hannalee and JJ and in there somewhere!
Dusty is now the Reading Intervention and Gifted Teacher! wow!!!  
Finally!! Not teaching 25 kids alone with no help, breaks, or aids!

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