Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 150 Random and Christmas Eve at Clouds

Well....with 365 days in a year....I didn't quite blog everyday. But I'd say I did pretty good overall.  I'm going to upload some last minute pictures from Christmas and such so I can close out this past year's blog from 2011.  I'm going to print this blog again like I did last year and have it made into a book.  It will cost an arm and a leg but it will be a great scrapbook!  Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year!!!  May the Lord bless you deeply this year in 2012! May you live out His will for your life and have the courage to do it grandly and with the glory to Him!

I was a blue crayon.  His yellow shirt was  a "post it note"
His "post it note said:  I love blue!"  

Halloween Festival...she was in a huge bubble and blew it to pop it and get out!

cousin Halle finally came to visit...from Quatar!!!!!  

What joy!

Wyatt got his own baby brother...with a real expecting to come this spring!

Always happy to have a new truck! 

Niece Kelsey and Me
(she just turned 16 and got a new red HHR!!!)  
We got to hide it in our garage and she found it there after we sent her
on a scavenger hunt all over town!!

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