Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 147 A Surprise Semi Truck RIDE for JJ!!!

Well, if you know my kid,  you know that this has been the year of the semi trucks.  We've had a year of Barney, a couple of 2-3 years of John Deere tractor stuff (still love it too!), a year of monster trucks, and now this year it's been all about semi trucks.

So they've been working on this house next door.  Literally for a year.  See last January posts where I wrote about JJ getting to ride in the scraper/bulldozer while they were doing dirt work....a year ago next week.  Today...they finished putting in 8 semi loads (yes...8...I swear!...OUR yard has 1 semi load of sod we rolled out...and it's an acre. YOU do the math!!!

Anyway....we have watched and watched as semi after semi has been here over the course of 2 week with skid steers to roll out sod.  JJ has watched and watched....and dug in our flower bed at the same time while watching.   Too cute. Bless his heart...he needs dirt under his nails just to be happy! :)

As I was leaving the house yesterday I saw the driver of the semi getting out...I saw an opportunity!!  I stopped in the middle of the road after pulling out from our drive, rolled down my window, made some comment about  HOW. MUCH. SOD. they've rolled out there.  The I just flat out asked the guy, "any  chance you'd give a ride in your truck to a 5 year old little boy about to turn 6 on Monday for a surprise birthday treat?  We are having a "semi truck" birthday party.  (just in case you're you don't find any decorations with that as a  theme....I've made our own invitations and am even making JJ a tshirt with "his own logo" on it for "JJ's Trucking"!)  So,  he said he wouldn't be around that day but would be back here again tomorrow and could ride with him to his next job from here.  I was excited!!!! I had really wished a semi could come on his actual bday and give hi and all his friends a ride at the party.  But I thought that was pushing it a bit.  I was happy with him getting his own ride.

The truck showed up next door to finish working...and we've never mentioned a word of this to JJ.  When the driver, Mr Stan, came over to talk to JJ he asked if his mom was here.  He came and got me and then said if I still wanted him to ride he was ready!  I told JJ what we were doing and by the look on his face....I wasn't even sure if he was scared, very surprised, excited or nervous....after talking to him about it was ALL of those! :)

So, Stan and Buddy, and guys from Western Oklahoma Sod...thanks for the semi ride.  I hope he'll always remember it!

BUT!!! Here's the funny thing about JJ and semi's....clear up until I was at least 10...if not 12?....I waned to be a truck driver when I grew up! There was a show in the early 80's ( can figure my age here) called "BJ and the Bear"....he had a red semi and traveled with a monkey.  My parents were really worried for a long time that I would really but a truck driver when I grew up.  I never was.  Just traveled enough to be one.  Maybe JJ will just have the traveling spirit in him too!  :)

Sister didn't  get to ride....just in the "chase car" with mom and dad!

When JJ and all of the workers got out of the truck, Buddy--Stan's son--?
said, "He grinned from ear to ear the whole time."

Such a silly thing...but made my eyes swell up...just because he was happy!

We love you JJ!  


  1. Wow JJ...what a great, fun surprise! I don't think you'll ever forget it. We liked hearing all about it. We love these pictures, and we love you. Happy Big Birthday on Monday. We'll be there for your party!

  2. Monster trucks look fierce and strong! Your memory as a child who wants to be truck driver is so cool. :-) Also, he looks so happy to be riding that big thing. He just might live your childhood dream when he gets older!