Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 145 Santa at the park!

We finally went and saw Santa at his workshop at the park tonight!  Poor JJ just couldn't stand waiting so we finally HAD to go tonight...because in his sweet world if you don't tell Santa what you want...well, you know! ;)  We missed riding our local "Polar Express" train ride with Santa this year.  I cried when he realized it and I felt SO bad.  He was heart broken and I felt horribl!!  But he was first in line tonight to tell Santa what he wanted...."a dirt truck semi."  It will sure haul a lot of dirt, Santa said!  :)  Hannalee......well...she CRIED!!!!  She saw Santa from a far while they were sitting on a sleigh taking pictures.  She efven yelled out "hey, Santa!"  But when we were in line and JJ and Kennedy were talking to Santa...she was shaking, hiding, crying and all but screaming about NOT wanting to get any closer than she already was! She wanted nothing to do any of it!  JJ has had to tell Santa for two years now what his sister wants!  Bless her heart!  He told him about the puppy like Kenney's. 

Two cousin/best friends are spending the night after looking at CHRISTmas lights.  They are playing babies, puppies and watching the Polar Express.  In the morning we will make some Christmas cookies from the dough that Great Sally helped us make!  (See next post about THAT!)

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  1. Oh, poor Polar Express. Poor Hannalee...afraid of Santa. Who would have thought? And Santa is so pretty! Hope the cookie making is fun!