Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 146 "THE" Christmas Cookies started out as going to see Santa...then it turned into all of us going to dinner, one spending the night with us...looking at lights...that turned into 2 extra cousins going with us to look at lights then it turned into 4 kids total, looking at lights, watching the Polar Express (twice), and all sleeping over...all of that to finally arrive at making sugar cookies and decorating them this morning.  The house is ALMOST cleaned up.  Last toad of dishes in the washer...and I've not showered for the day.  It's 3:20pm.  It might happen today.  And then might not! :)  JJ is at a party....Hannalee and I went to jog around the track at the park and Dusty is resting.  I've got 30 minutes to myself to: blog, work on a present, put away dishes, put away laundry, nap and shower myself.  Hum...guess I'll blog! ;)  Just for you Aunt Sally!

Well...its now 8:15...I've finally showered and kids are in bed!  Here's the pics from our cookie decorating party!

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