Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 144 Wee School Christmas program and party

Twice a week (when she's not at Rainbow Lane) Hannalee goes to our church preschool.  It's great and she loves it!  A couple of her friends from Rainbow Lane are in her class here too.

At her Thanksgiving program she barely (never really) looked up at even me the whole time and never sang a word of her songs.  Sooooo the opposite of how JJ ever has been! He's a ham and LOVES to stand in front of people and sing/perform. He's never been shy like that.  But Hannalee did a GREAT job this time! She smiled and waved at me and did a great job singing in her class!

Thanks Hannalee for having such a sweet heart!  We love you!  You did a great job!

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  1. Yea Hannalee. You look so pretty. It's always fun to hear you tell me about your friends at school. I finally know their names!