Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 143 Hannalee's Open House at Rainbow Lane

Hannalee is in the Yellow Class at Rainbow Lane this year.  I'm her teacher! of them.  It takes about 5-6 of us to teach our friends.....the 3 year old are in 3 classes.  Yellow.  Orange and Purple.  The 4 year olds are in Blue and Red and the 5's are in Green.  Get it....rainbow colors....for the classes at Rainbow Lane?!  Pretty clever.  Hannalee has been on the list to go to preschool here since she was....oh,....about 6 months old.  There is a waiting list every year for and there are even kids on a list to start school here for the year 2014.  Yes....2014! 

She had her open house last week and of course meme, papa John and  nana and papa Jerry all paraded through with us to look at all of her special projects she had made to show us!  We had to guess which picture on a wall was her self-portrait.  Pretty hard to do....but if we had first seen the letter "H" written on her picture we would have known it was hers right away. 

Then we saw her Christmas wreath and handprints all cut out.  She had done marble painting on squares and they were turned into presents under a tree.  We watched a slide show of the pictures throughout the semester and we found her "stocking" that was hung by the chiminey with care.  She made a reindeer cutout, a Christmas tree from paper and named what made her happy:  "horses."  No surprise there!  There she told her teachers that she was asking Santa for a "puppy dog like Kennedy's" for Christmas and that her favorite thing at Rainbow Lane is reading books.  I was hoping she'd say "her mommy" but that's ok....I'm glad its books!  I love you, Hannalee and I'm glad you like school! 

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  1. Such a cute school. It's always fun to go to Open House there. Yes, if we had looked more closely, we would have recognized Hannalee's self portrait! It was a fun night, except for driving home in the fog.