Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hi friends and family....

Just to answer a few questions......

Yes, I plan to do this every day, all year. Dusty and I are reading the Bible together at night and then I'll write stuff and post it in the mornings.   I have a list of which chapters we'll read each night.  I plan to do this every day.... knowing that you all are reading (post a comment so I"ll know who's been here!) makes me be more accountable!  

I'm new to this "blogging" thing and will have to learn more soon.  But you check read the blog everyday...hopefully it will USUALLY be up by promises though....a 3 year old, a baby and a new puppy are pretty time consuming! :)  

Until I  can figure out how to have the blog emailed to you.....don't know if I can....just come back to this website everyday....


  1. What? You have a puppy?

  2. I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Just post, we'll visit! (and give us photos-we love them!) Love Ya--Vern