Thursday, January 8, 2009

Genesis 22-24

Good morning!  Can't talk this morning....good thing this is a blog and not a webcast! :)  

Chapter 22.....Oh Abraham......could he BE more faithful???  WOW!   This is the chapter where he is tested by God and asked to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. This is maybe one of my favorite chapters in the Old Testament....not only because Abraham is so faithful, but because it reads like a suspensful movie scene!  As you read it you just can't believe that Abraham is following through with taking his son to be sacrifice. The journey takes three days....can you imagine what was going through his mind?   Notice though, that he never once questions God.  A lesson in itself.  

So there are Abraham and Isaac up at the place where Isaac is to be sacrificed. Isaac, the son, looks around and says...."'s the firewood, dad, but where lamb to be sacrificed?"  As a movie watcher....can't you picture this...the music gets scary....the plot thickens...what is Abraham going to do?  Run, Isaac, run!!!Get out of there!  But Abraham answered that God will provide.  Look in verse 5...Abraham even says "WE will come back.."  He knew God would do something and then waaa-laa...out of the thicket appears a ram....he was stuck in there by his thorns.  SHEW!  Lucky for Isaac!  Because Abraham was so faithful and never once questioned God about even giving up his own son, God knew that Abraham would be worthy of being blessed with the generations to come....."as numerous as the star and the sand..."  A happy ending after all.

Chapter 23...poor old Sarah finally dies.  Abraham had a heck of a time finding a cave to bury her in.  He was a stranger in this land, so he had nothing.  BUt everyone was calling him "my lord" and was willing to just  give him the land...cave and all!  What a deal.  But Abraham insisted in buying the cave/land. As you read you think "alright already, Abraham...just take it! This place he buys become the place eventually that Abraham is buried in as well as, Isaac and Rebekah.

Chapter 24....kinda funny....I think this was the biblical version of eHarmony! ;)  Abraham was looking for a woman for Isaac...but it had to be from his own home land.  Abraham's manservant, Eliezer, is the matchmaker! (sing the song here....."matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match!)" He takes off with about 10 camels (a sign of wealth because camels were rare) to prove to the girl that he will find, that he is wealthy.   Its a neat way of how Rebekah became Isaac's wife.  She was kind and generous and she knew that the Lord had sent for her.  

Dusty didn't have camels, but I'm glad God gave him to me anyway! :)

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!   

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