Saturday, January 10, 2009

Genesis 27-29

Jacob gets married....and Jacob gets married!  He got married two sisters Leah and Rachel.  Their dad was Laban and Jacob had been staying with them. Laban wasn't going to let Jacob mooch off of him so he said that Jacob should work, but not for nothing.  Jacob said his wages should be Rachel, who was "lovely in form and beautiful." (v. 17)  So Jacob had to work for 7 years in order to get to marry Rachel. the end of those 7 years Jacob was very surprised!   

(dog peed in floor...gotta go get ready for JJ's 3 year old pics...more this afternoon! :)  )  

Go read if you can't stand the suspense!   
Here we go!   JJ was a COMPLETE GOOFBALL taking pictures! Oh my....not sure what the pics will be.   I can't imagine...and am not expecting these to be his best..but cute nevertheless.

So I left you at Jacob having to work 7 years in order to marry Rachel.  When Jacob was presented with his wife it wasn't until the next morning that he realized that it was NOT Rachel but that Laban had given him Leah!!!  

 I tell you....when I met Dusty and had it been someone else, I would have been disappointed too!  "I wanted Dusty.....not "him.!"  :) 

 But Laban told Jacob AFTER the fact that it is not the custom to let the younger daughter marry before the older one.  So Leah had to be married first, not Rachel.  Jacob  was already married to Leah and Laban said, "finish this daughter's bridal week THEN I'll give you Rachel!  He'll get Rachel when???   After "ANOTHER SEVEN YEARS OF WORK!!!!!" (v. 27)  

I'm telling you...I'm not a soap opera fan...but this stuff reads like one!!  It's so crazy!!!!  Jacob has Leah (whom he didn't reallly love) and not by Rachel...who was barren but the love of his life!   "And so are the days of our lives............"

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!  

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