Monday, January 5, 2009 I have no idea what I'm doing on this blog...but...I've started it! we go! :)

One thing our pastor has challenged us to do was the read the Bible through completely in a year!  So...we've started with Genesis...always a good place to start, right? 

I'm am amazed, even after 3 years of seminary, how much happens in the first 7 chapters!  All of creation takes place in the first chapter!  God spoke and it was and is!  Just like that!  An entire Bible, and all of creation hinges on just a few chapters!  

We have read about Adam and Eve....not Steve! :), the flood, Cain and Able, the tower of Babel. We are barely on chapter 15 and all of that has happened.  So much in so little chapters.  Wow! The Book of Revelations seems a looooooooong ways away!  Hold on for the ride!   

It is interesting reading out loud with my husband.......we take turn reading chapters...and its funny the words we pretend to know!  If we can't pronounce we pretend that we can.  Or, Dusty just says "some king, from some place!"  It is interesting...the Word does dwell within you throughout the day.....I've given more thought to creation and the flood and tower in the past 3 days than I have in a long time!   

Come. Holy Spirit, Come!  


  1. Hey, friend! I like it! I've been reading The Message Bible, since I downloaded it for the Kindle. It's cracking me up, the modern language it's written in is goofy. I expect Jesus to tell someone to "Step off!" or something. :)

  2. was a long time ago (1989)...but somehow I did read the entire bible, including apocrypha, in one semester of bib-lit class at I'm sure you will be able get through it in a year with flying colors. (if a distracted frosh in college can do it!) This time I will get the cliff notes from you!