Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Genesis 19-21 promises at to the TIME this will get posted everyday!  But, good morning, God!!!

They did it....they did it to themselves...they had been warned and like most people, they didn't listen.  Chapter 19 is where Sodom and Gomorrah get destroyed.  What a nasty crazy, people! But different than society at large on a bad day too, huh?  Remember all the begging and pleading Abraham did in chapter 18 to save the few righteous in Sodom? we go......

So these angels of the Lord have arrived at Lots house...unanncounced...what would they find at your house unannounced??   Mine.....birthday presents still tractor balloons floating on the ceiling.....and laundry.....lots of laundry.  Clean never the less! :)  So Lot was very hospitable to them and welcomed them into his home.  But as they were going to bed, men from all over the city were beating down Lots door...and asking....hold on to your ears....asking to have sex with these 2 visitors.  SEX??!  Men with men......Sodom and Gomorrah you crazy Lot....he didn't hand over the men....instead guess what he offered?   His 2 virgin daughters!   I know!!!  Helloo???? I had to read a side note about this.....Lot was following the law of eastern hospitality...which would guarantee protection to any guest that ate in your home.  Offering his daughters was a fulfillment of that law.  Needless to say, the angels in Lots house save him from the morally deficient mob outside his home.  Lots family was rescued and flee!  SHEW!  They were very reluctant to go...but I'd say....if God says go and He's sent angels to tell you that....GO!  

But dern the they were know this part.....she turned around and looked back.  I'd say if there is ever burning sulfur raining down....DON'T LOOK BACK!!!! EVER!!! :) She became that old pillar of salt...poof! gone! 

And then at the end of 19 the soap opera continues!  I first thought it sounded like this was taking place in Arkansas.....but Dusty said it is a soap opera because....Lots 2 daughters got him (their dad) drunk and slept with him.  They wanted to preserve their family line because the cities and nutbars have all been destroyed. there they were, both pregnant!  

Chapter 20....not much is hitting me about this chapter.....Dusty read to me last night....I might have dosed off for a few verses! :)  Hum......OH!! This was cool.....God had told Sara and Abraham that she would have a child, right?!   But...she was like 100 years old. But rememeber, God always does what He says He will do. ensure that Sara and Abraham would have a child and even ensure that all generations would come from them.......Sara became pregnant AND "the Lord had closed up every womb in the households" (v.18)That was cool!   

Chapter 21.....Isaac was born to Sara and Abraham......"God has brought me laughter" .......oh don't kids do that??!  The ourselves, at them.....JJ was putting his fork in his water cup last night and stiring with the handle.....we told him not to play at the table, to take the fork out...etc...."mommy does it with her coffee....(makes stirring sounds) and then licks the handle of the fork.  YEP!  I do!  OOPS!  not anymore......must find a stir stick! :)  But we laughed!  :)

So.....our lessons today....don't  be reluctant to Him, find Him and follow Him.  He will lead you....don't look back either!  It's not about the mistakes we've made, not about what we've screwed up in the past....its about looking ahead and following God.  

And of course....LAUGH!! Laugh out loud today!! Laugh because God created you, made you, and loves you!!!  

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!


  1. You always make me laugh. I am laughing out loud already. This is making me want to read my Bible better just to see what in the world you are talking about.

  2. oh sweet! Thank you, msm!! :) lyl,ysd