Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20 Giddyup!

DAY 20

Yes...I know...I didn't post last night...JJ was sick.  Very.  And Dusty was running a close 2nd!!! So, the girls are all well and the boys are....on the mend!!!  We hope!! I'm about sick again from the smell of Lysol and bleach!! Yick!!  JJ just ate some toast...we'll see how that goes....

No snow here for everyone here!!! Some ice but not enough to shut us down. But we are staying home today.

This picture of Hannalee might not look too "picture worthy" for some...but to us!! WOW!!! She's 2 you know..well, 2 1/2 now and BUSY!!! Soo busy that she never sits still but just this month alone, she's learned to sit and play with toys!!!  And she LOVES horses and babies.  She has been playing by herself, not even with JJ, but by herself for almost an hour!!!!!!  Seriously.....THAT is picture worthy!!! If you've had a 2 year old, double the "spunk" by 5 and you've got Hannalee!! :)  When I was pregnant with her I was reading in the Bible about  Elizabeth.  There was description of her and it said, "she lived her life with zest!"  And that is when God told me  I was going to have a girl and to name her Elizabeth.  So, here we have Hannalee Elizabeth!!!!  And yes...she lives with ZEST...every minute!!!  :)

But I just had to take a picture to document when it was that she first started playing by herself and with her toys.  Isn't this precious!!  : )

Matthew 19:14
"Let the little children come to me."

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  1. We're all glad to see her actually sit and play. I've actually seen it, so I know it's true...and yes, precious! Glad everyone is mostly better.