Saturday, January 1, 2011

Falcon Road New Years Eve 5K+ Race

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! 

This year...posts are going to have to S.H.O.R.T.  :)  This is my third year to year all about reading through the entire Bible in a year with commentaries; last year, didn't go so well after about March or April...wasn't enough structure I guess.  This year....a picture a day to record our life with family and friends!! One picture (maybe two if they're just so stinkin' cute) and a scripture to go with it!!!

But today....there will be two pics! :)  One of me now...and I've got one I want to add tonight at bed time.  Check back later for that one! :)

So....yesterday...we were supposed to go see my best friend from college and her family.  But that didn't work out.  We were going to stay with them, Russ was going to run with me, and Jamie was going to stay home with the kids but bless their hearts, they've been sick all week and we didn't want to get it! :) So I cried and pouted a bit....I've worked for 2 months to get ready...I was just  flat out disappointed.  So instead my sweet husband helped me create the Falcon Road 5k+ Run!!! It was complete with a race bib # 1009 (our address) and crowd support along the way!!!! Jsut as I was almost halfway done, sweet Kristi comes barreling along in a big black truck honking and waving and cheering me on!  Then when I was another 10 minutes down the road, here comes Gigi...about to run me over head on!! :)  She was a great cheerleader too!!  I'm glad she came along...I had already shed 2 pairs of gloves and I was ready to shed my vest!!!  Then when I was on the home stretch I was met by my father in laws truck, with flashing lights, carrying my husband and almost 5 year standing in the back with a video camera!  Hannalee and papa Jerry were in the front honking and all were cheering me on home!!!!!  I had a great time!!!! 4.2 miles!!!! Woot!!!!

Thanks Dusty, JJ, Hannalee, Jerry, Kristi and Gigi!!!!!
Another "thing" that I am striving (resolving?!) to do is memorizing Scripture.  I tried this last year.  Off and on.  Off and on.  Again....going to TRY to be more consistent this year.  So Beth Moore (I just love her!) is doing this again on HER blog.  They sold index spiral cards to write these in. But as I ran yesterday I took along a post it note with my first Scripture. I've since added it in my spiral. 

Here's this weeks verse:  2 Corinthians 12:9  (NASB)  
He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness."  Most gladly I will rather boast about my weakness so that the power of Christ will dwell in me."  

Here's what my post it looks like...nothing like running and saying over and over in your head "power is perfected in weakness. power is perfected in weakness!" :) 

Here's the spiral! :)  Much "prettier!"
Well, I said it was going to be wasn't this time!!

Running on Grace, Shannan


  1. Yea Shannan! I'm glad to see you're going to blog again. lyl, ysm

  2. Hey, Shannon! It's Megan F from deep in the heart of Texas. I love this. It is SO Dusty to create your very own 5K. How sweet!

    I'm enjoying your blog. :)

  3. Who was your best friend in college anyway? Inquiring minds want to know who bailed on you. :)