Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Isaiah 31-35

day 183

chapter 31 Woe to the rebels!!!! Well...those who rely on Egypt. Judah is in league with Egypt and they think they are secure against Assyria......forget (they think) all of the earlier warnings from Isaiah!! I mean, there is a reason he is called a PROPHET!!! :) And wouldn't you know, it is God who saves in the end. We know that!!! Thanks to the prophets and moreso, Jesus! Like a lion standing over its prey, like a bird protecting its nest.....God will unfailingly defend his people. He pleads with them to turn to HIM. How has God pleaded with YOU to turn to Him lately?

chapter 32 peace, justice and rescue...kinda sums up these next couple of chapters. This chapter starts of with "some day" .....JJ says, can we buy a train again. No JJ. We aren't buying anymore trains. Well, mom, someday...yes, JJ "someday." that appeases him...somewhere in the future of the unknown I've promised to buy trains, tractors, and go places....all "someday!" ;) The prophet returns to talking about the theme of a future king, of a time when justice will reign. vs 6-8 echo wisdom writings; v. 9-14 speak directly to the women of Isaiah's day. They are living a life of careless ease, but those days are numbered. They will mourn their loss.V. 15 looks again to to a time of lasting peace, justice and righteousness. This will be brought about the working of God's Holy Spirit in his people.

chapter 33 When God intervenes...don't you love it? We sometimes "think" we don't like it, but God never, ever fails matter what. This chapter is full of laments, prayers, hymns of many moods. The lesson: only those who live by their faith in God remain unshaken in circumstances like these. Again...we get a glimpse of the future king... a glorious vision unfolds. God never deserts his own. Where God is king, all is safe, all are cared and provided for, sins are forgiven, and sickness unknown! amen? amen!

chapter 34 judgment for the nations--one day, God will avenge the wrong done to his people! Seen the news lately-- 'nuff said!!! :)

chapter 35 salvation for God's people.....God is coming for his people to bring them home. There is healing and wholeness and gladness in song!

tomorrow: 36-41

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