Friday, August 14, 2009

Jeremiah 1-6

Day 187 blinked. Yes, "we" are finished with Isaiah...I know...its hard to tell because I don't think I've blogged at all this week. I'm up and showered and dressed and hair done before Hannalee wakes wait....I hear a stirring.....better hurry!! She's been quite the early bird this week...up before 6 am and won't go back down...BUT then ready for a nap at 9!! Oh well....I actually "won" today....its always a race to get ready! :) JJ's at Meme's and Papa John's. He's finally better. We are now getting ready for a garage sale next weekend. UGH!! But we are getting rid of all things baby! Clothes, toys, bouncy seats......all items must go! we are EVEN clearing out the storage unit my poor in-laws have paid on for 5 years. They have stuff too in there ....but you wouldn't know it.

Laundry going. showered and blogging......

Jeremiah....he wasn't JUST a bullfrog. He was a prophet of the Lord! But, in case Hannalee's wakes up.....the short of it is that his words of warning were rejected!! God's people are warned taht those who do not turn from evil will face severe consequences. Jeremiah does this with passion and tears....a sobering message for the nation of Judah......for over 40 years he stands alone to warn them......repent before its too late! His words fall on deaf ears and he lives to see God's judgment fall.

Chapter 1 sanctity of human life

chapter 2-3 The case against God's people

chapter 3-4.....return, O Israel...repent!! repent! repent! But they don't.....God would save them from exile and bring them home. They are given a preview ofwhat will happen to their nation's collapse before the Babylonian army fill Jeremiah with unspeakable horror!

chapter 5 God searches for a vain of truth and justice among his option but to punish.

chapter 6 declaration of war! All God's warnings have fallen on deaf ears....So God has rejected his people and turned them over to the invading armies. Even Jerusalem will be besieged.

tomorrow: Jer. 7-9

She's awake! :)

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