Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Isaiah 59-63

Day 186

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh! A slight sigh of relief. JJ is up and eating and eating and running around. I think we've survived!! 12 days with Hannalee and now 6 with JJ!! OH ME! Hope we are done with "THE VIRUS."

chapter 59wqxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzQSDqsssssssSDszX --that was Hannalee typing her thoughts. So here we are at shame and glory! In these chapters (to 66) we return to a restored Jerusalem and life back home, after the exile. Scenes of sin and failure mingle with scenes of future glory.

chapters 60-62 The glorious city....in the gap between the shame of Israel and her glory stands the figure of God!! And so it is for us too!!! Our Avenger and Redeemer......judgment does and WILL give way to promised reality. Chapter 60 pictures the incredible transformation of Jerusalem: filled with glory, light, joy, and excitement. Chapter 61 has an "unnamed" voice of The Servant. Jesus announces his mission by reading these very words in Luke 4. In chapter 62, God will be able to rejoice and delight in his people: a day to long for, pray for and prepare for!

chapter 63....the Avenger....the enemy must be defeated and God's people will not be set free until then.

SHEW!! There. I bloggged finally...again! :) You'd think I could go back to getting up at 6 to blog before the kids.....but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Miss Priss thinks she is HUNGRY, STARVING AND WILL EAT HER ARM OFF and gets up at 6:00am!!!!! :) I'm feeding her supper at 9:00pm tonight!! :)

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