Monday, August 24, 2009


Day 189

Well...if I make it here once a I week now I'm lucky!! I am going to try to get back to everyday. Why do I think I need that one extra hour of sleep?! I could get this blog done AND MAYBE even a shower.......hum........easier said than done. no stories today.....just a blog! : )

Jeremiah 38 well, in case you missed it, because I didn't type it out, Jeremiah got locked up. He got arrested as a deserter, beaten and shut up in a cellar. An appeal to the king, who is anxious to know God's word but lacks faith and courage to act on it, wins Jeremiah a move to the palace courtyard. But Jeremiah remains in close custody on a daily ration of bread as long as supplies last. The next move is to the muddy bottom of the courtyard well, where he would have died but for Ebedmelech's appeal to the king.

chapter 39 Jerusalem is taken and Jeremiah's terrible vision (38:22-23) becomes a reality (39:6-8). God's warning finally give way to judgment(v. 1-10) but even in the midst of judgment, God does not lose sight of individuals. Ebedmelech's life is saved and the Babylonian king takes thought for the prophet. So Jeremiah is the only one to have any say of his own future. He is offered a place of honor at the Babylonian court and he chooses instead to throw in his lot with the have-nots, left behind in the land of Judah!

chapter 40-41 There are those left behind in Judah and those taken into exile. Gedaliah makes a good start as governor. Jerusalem is in ruins and he makes his headquarters at Mizpah. Those who had fled before the army, escaping to the neighboring countries, return and they gather in a good harvest. But three months after Gedaliah ignors warnings, he is assassinated.

tomorrow: 42-45

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