Thursday, August 6, 2009

Isaiah 36-41

Day 184
Our day.......lazy morning, cleaned house, JJ's tummy hurt...poopey allllll day long; scheduled for church directory pictures at 3:00....canceled at 1:30 because didn't think JJ felt good. Called back at 2:00 to say we'd be there....he was up and running around. Took pics....girls in "peach" boys in "blues." We looked cute. :) Of course, they want you to buy $60 packages....we didn't buy a thing. But we'll be in the directory. Meme and Papa John are coming over to play with the kids while Dusty and I get a date!!! We are going to the community theatre play, "The Wedding Singer." I remember it being a stupid and terrible movie, but this play will be funny...because we know the people in it. The plays here are always great!! We love going. When the kids are bigger Dusty and I are going to be in a play sometime. :) It's on my bucket list! :)
chapters 36-39 These three chpaters are a straghtforward historical account. They follow all the prophecies of chapters 1-35.
cahpter 40-41 Up to this point, the book of Isaiah has been largely taken up with the threat from Assyria. Chapter 39 provided a transition to the next major era: the time of Babylonian domination. In 587 Judah was devasted for a second time...the first in 598. The Temple was destroyed. T he false confidence that God would protect Jerusalem, no matter what, was shattered and thousands were taken into exile. The following chapters, in the next readings til chapter 55, will serve as hope for the exiles. There is a message of comfort in c hapter 40......they people, in their distress, will be comforted....God is coming as he promised. Chapter 41....has a tone that God is a stern lawyer as he brings the nations to court. But with his own people he will be loving and tender. They have nothing to fear! Glad that includes us too!
tomorrow: 42-44

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