Friday, August 7, 2009

Isaiah 42-44

Day 185

well.....JJ now has the poopies...YUCK!!! Bless his heart!! He's miserable, didn't sleep much; doesn't want to eat; and is now napping. He's pooped since yesterday morning....didn't think Hannalee's was contagious...but who knows!? So he and I are hanging out at home today. I made it to the gym a bit, rocked him, wrestled Hannalee and now they are both napping. Dusty is up at school seeing how many MORE kids enrolled today....he'll be back up to 26 kids I"m sure!! So frustrating...and sharing an aide! ARGH!!!! Too many kids I'm sure. We thought they might be back down in numbers a bit because a lot of the oilfield is really slowing down. But we'll see. He's got 20 now.....there'll be more.

chapter 42 a light for the nations......a new theme begins to unfold, alongside the forecast of Babylon's downfall: God's plan to open the eyes of the whole world and bring them salvation. This was, from the beginning, the intended role of Israel. New Testament writes are in no doubt that the servant Isaiah foresees, the one who will save all humanity by suffering on their behalf, is Jesus.

chapter 43 God's unfailing love and care. In all his people's sufferings God is beside them. HE will set them free again, simply because he loves them and he forgives them!

chapter 44 No God but God!! The forecast of Israel's return.....Israel is God's servant, the object of his love. God as Lord of history, the only one able to draw back the veil on the future! God's promise: that he will set his people free!!!!

tomorrow: 45-48

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