Monday, August 3, 2009

Isaiah 23-27

Day 181

UGH!!! I've seen the forecast for the week.....over 100 everyday! YUCK!!! Get out the kiddie pools!   Mom and dad....better stay in CO!! Except....JJ is missing you...better come on hom anyway! :)  

Chapter 23  up to here, and including this chapter about Tyre, there has been a long list of condemnations against the nations.  There has been a collection of prophecies against foreign nations...God's concern is NOT just for his own people.  The whole world is His.  Tyre was a city corrupted by its own wealth and success, and Isaiah warns of the approaching end.  There has been battles of power and control back and forth and forth and back.  Tyre regained control from Assyria, but only to loose it again to the Babylonians.  

Chapters 24-27  Judgment and salvation!  From the particular--God's judgment on specific nations--we move to the universal time when God will judge the whole world and everyone in it.  Life will not go on for ever just as it is. One day God will step in and end the world as we know it.  There will be  a shaking of foundations and the world, weighed down by sin, will collapse.  BUT!!! Hear the good news....God's purpose is NOT just to condemn.  One chapter of judgment (24) is followed by three (25-27) on rescue and saving.  Death will be destroyed and grief will be no more. The nations will sit down at God's great celebration banquet.  Chapter 26 breaks into song!!!  Its theme is trust.  In life there is waiting, suffering and failure, but God holds fast! The day will come when God's purpose is fulfilled.  The final harvest will be when all God's people will be brought home.  

tomorrow:  28-30

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