Friday, July 31, 2009

Isaiah 9-12

Day 180

Let's see how long it takes me to do this today. I started at whatever time the post says.  Even if I finish it at always has the beginning time I created the post.  I"ll write the actual time below.....  You all could start a betting pool....
a) done super early; 
b) maybe done by noon; 
c) sometime middady or 
d) barely done before the day is over at night time.  Place your bets!!!! :)  

I've already been interuppted and had to rescue a cow from the dog's mouth!! He's now headless....the cow not the dog....but it was close! 

Chapter 9  A king will come!!   A prophet will come from the dark days and we are moved into a vision of the future.  It will be bright and glorious!  A king will come from David's line to rule in peace and justice forever.  Tribes will be crushed and Assyria will be the first to see the light, to taste the joy, to be set free by the coming prince of peace.  

Matthew 4:12-16 specifically links this prophecy with the coming of Jesus, who hometown was Nazareth, in Galilee, who began his public ministry at Cana in Galilee.  

Chapter 10  after a vision of the future glory, we are abruptly brought back to the present at the end of chapter 9 and into the beginning of 10.  The people of the breakaway northern kingdom of Israel stand condemned for their arrogance, rebellion, injustice, and oppression.  They have already had a taste of judgment, but learnt nothing from it.  Therefore, God will not spare them.  

Chapters 11-12   aaaaaaaaaaah!  The peaceable kingdom. The coming king will be from David's family....he will possess the Spirit of God himself: just, righteous, faithful like God.  Nations will rally to him; his kingdom will be free of enmity and evil.  The natural world will reflect this total transformation.  There will be a great gathering in of all God's scattered people and the song of God's salvation will be on everyone's lips.  This is a new earth, centered on God, and obedient to his will!!   I say....Jesus come quickly!! :)  

My new favorite scripture.....Joshua 1:9.  Go look it up! :)   

AND....saw a license plate yesterday that said, "2Cor5:7".....look that up too! :)   

tomorrow: 13-16

TIME:  9:03am!!! :)  taaaadaaaaaa!

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  1. We bet on D and lost! Yea. you did good. Thanks for continue to write for us few! Hello AK! I'm looking at Griffin's tree with his initials on it. Everyone should just read Isaiah interesting. love you,