Thursday, July 30, 2009

Isaiah 5-8

Day 179  

Well.....JJ stayed ALL night and said, "I kinda want my momma" only one time when the storm was here.  But Shelly said that if he'd be a big boy his mom and dad wouldn't have to get out in the storm.  He pulled the sheet up over his head and went to sleep until 8:30 this morning!!!   They are finishing the "Cars" movie and eating waffles.  They'll bring him home in a bit.   We are trailer sitting today and tomorrow....everyone is gone to the kids rodeo finals in TX.  They've worked hard all summer to earn points and we'll see how they do this weekend.   So we are in charge of the trailers, horses that  didn't "make the cut" for the trip, chickens and that's all. Goats all got sold!!  

Gotta go....HL is ready for a nap already and I've got to get her down at Nana's.  more later!  

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  1. Aunt M says hi. She woke up from her nap to read. Now she's reading the Bible because they have a lot of reading to catch up on! You didn't ever get your video/audio clip put on?? AK is not reading any more? You've added pink shoelaces to the page? Looks good. more later,