Thursday, July 16, 2009

Proverbs 7-9

Day 169

VBS is over 12:00!!! We've had a great time!!!   It's been a fun theme, australia outback, the "Boomerang Express" all comes back to Jesus....1 John 4:9.   
Get it..........boomerang.......come back to Jesus?!  
A few random questions that I have written in the margin of my Bible in different spots.....

What is the effectiveness of my Christian witness?

Am I living up to my potential?

Am I carrying the cross?

Just a few things to ponder for awhile....I might need to put them on post-its on the fridge.  :)

Chapter 7  The temptress!!!!  The teacher is describing a young man falling for a married woman's shameless seduction!  To judge by the number of warnings in Proverbs, this was common enough.   Even Solomon, for all his wisdom, was as weak as anyone at this point.  And in the end, his foreign wives led him to worship other gods.  This chapter shouldn't be taken as a negative stereotype about women's sexuality.....for really, a women is portrayed also as Wisdom and a capable wife!!   And.....just to play the devil's advocate .....the fictional man here should have controlled his desires and fantasies and resisted any temptation to begin with!   But really, this proverb is about the marriage and the relationship of commitment.  What everyone, male and female, learns here is self-control!! :)

Chapter 8 This is a great poem of Wisdom that has 7 subsections with 5 verses each. The themes are about Wisdom's priceless virtues; her righteous words; her role in civil order; her gifts for all who love her; her genesis before creation; and her role in the cosmic order.  

Chapter 9 this chapter summarizes and concludes the first 9 chapters...there are pillars of wisdom......fear of the Lord and knowledge of the Holy One are 2.  What else would you add to a list that would be your pillars of wisdom:  love?  hope?  faith? truth?  honest?  discipline?

tomorrow chapter 10-12

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