Friday, July 10, 2009

Psalm 119

Day 166

Her first birthday was a hit! She loved the cake and knew exactly what to it and lick every finger!!!!  

JJ was ready to get his own piece....from the "big" cake...for the big kids!!! NOT the baby cake that Hannalee was licking!!!  :)  HE got a big boy bike for being such a great big brother this past year!! It has training wheels and was 108 degrees he got to even ride it in the house!!!  :)   It was a day of blessings showered down by God!  Thank you, Lord!!! Thank you.

Psalm 119  -- I was going to make a few comments about that...kinda ease myself back into my blog! :)  This is the longest psalm AND even the longest chapter in the entire Bible.  It is a repetitive meditation on the beauty and value of God's Word.  God is addressed or referred to in nearly all of its 176 verse.  AND...this is the cool is one of those constructed as an acrostic.  It devotes 8 verse to each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew is intended to serve as an instruction manual for living a godly life.  

I've started a notebook of little index cards to try and memorize scriptures.  If you want to know an easy acrostic and technique for memory verses, go to Beth Moore's blog (use the link to the right)  find her cute video about the scripture memory.  There are about 3 short videos that she put together in her living room to teach the "RENEW" technique for memorizing scriptures.  So, I've started with a couple and one of them is from Psalm 119: 34  "Give me understanding, and I will keep your law and obey it with all my heart!"  

Okay....keep reading...try and finish the Psalms by Sunday night for on Monday we'll begin Proverbs.  :)  Keep cool.....its 8:45pm and its STILL 102 degrees!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!!!  


  1. What? No one has commented on this precious, beautiful, happy baby!!!!

  2. I know!!! I think my followers quit following! :)