Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Proverbs 22-23

Day 173

On day 3 of the south beach diet....i'm down!!!  It's only day 3....we are doing just the phase one for now....no sugar, no carbs.  Its really do-able and we feel good and Dusty's blood sugar has been GREAT since Sunday!!!   Been to the gym.....did 20 minutes on the treadmill and 20 on the elliptical.  ARGH!!   And then am going to water aerobics tonight....by the end of the day I should have burned about 600-700 calories!!! Wahooooo! Size smaller here I come! :)  By Christmas I hope anyway!!!  :)  

Only two chapters today......not much to comment on....But in the section of  22:17 - 24:34, there are "thirty wise sayings." the sayings in this section are more connected than the previous one. They begin with "things to avoid"...the come some of the hazards of social climing; father and son advice; a portrait of a drunkard; teaching on wisdom and folly; and right living. 

Are you noticing the themes in the Proverbs?   
Wisdom and folly--the wise and the fool
the righteous and the wicked
words and the tongue
the family
parents and children
wives and husbands
laziness and hardwork

there are other minor themes of poverty, wealth, plans and decisions; proud and humble; friends and neighbors; and fear of the Lord.  

tomorrow: 24-26

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  1. How did you answer the question about Jesus' bed? And..yea!!!! South Beach! We're reading in Colorado at 71 degrees. I know it's cooler there today too. We're glad. Hope you got some rain!
    Love you all!