Thursday, July 30, 2009

Isaiah 5-8 part 2! Hannalee has had diarreha for 4 days now...that surely just can't be teeth!  ???  So I took her to the doctor and he wanted a stool sample.....have you ever SCRAPED POOP out of 4 diapers to get a big enough "sample" for the lab???!!  I have done a lot of things in my travels and days as a was a first...scraping POOP out of diapers, from the trash mind you, with a plastic spoon!!!! OH ME.  But her blood work was fine...nothing there.  We'll see what was in the scrapings!! 

Chapter 5--so as not to get behind!!  This is called "the song of the (unfruitful!) vineyard.  This is a unique poem that is a celebration of the festival of booths ...the prophet is IMITATING a vintage festival song.  The grapes that are being refered to here are "sour" grapes.  Judah is asked to pass judgment on herself.  The justice is the faithful application of God will to daily living.  Righteousness is the living dynamic relationship between the nation and God wherein the nation is spiritually and morally acceptable to God.  Righteousness and justice are naturally coupled and grow out of the covenant relationship, the existence of which is assumed.  

Chapter 6 -- the  call of Isaiah.  God's appearance is described in the setting of the Jerusalem temple.   Cleansed by God's forgiving act, Isaiah may now speak for God! 

Chapter 7  -- God will either save you or God is against you.  This is the balance of the fate of the nation and the outcome depends on the nations choices!! HUM.....!!!!   Immanuel = "im" means WITH and EL...God....God with us.  God is with us, with you, with our nation.....but only based on our choices....the outcome depends on us.....

Chapter 8  -- The sign of "maher-shalal-hash-baz"  =  the spoil seeds, the prey hastes!

tomorrow:   9-12

there.  I blogged today! :)  And aunt kathy is still reading.  And yes, AK, I think I will stay with you....don't feed me, don't shop for me, don't cook for me.....just let me in the door. :)   I'll be gone all Friday and Saturday we are done at 2:00pm and I'll go home.  Love you all!

STILL trying to figure out how to get this thing in a smilebox on my blog.  I have it downloaded, but don't know how to get it here.  :)  HUM............

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