Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Proverbs 4-6

Day 168

YAWN!!!!! I guess this is why I got tired of blogging for awhile...up before the sun to get this done so I can be up before the kids!!!!!!    :)

Chapter 4  This is an urgent appeal to acquire wisdom!  After the example of the teacher (vv. 1-7) life is describe in terms of two choices.......wisdom's way/path OR the way of the wicked.   Wisdom is the path to go for!!  It leads to life!!

Chapter 5  Avoid loose women!!!  :)  It can lead to death!!!  Followed by this warning is encouragement to rejoice in one's own spouse!  And I do!! Mine is wonderful!!!  Find pleasure in your own spouse (this is talking about a wife specifically) and love her and be happy! 

Wisdom is personified as a woman.  It is not just something we learn, it is an offer to us by God through the figure of Wisdom.....who is the embodiment of right and truth and good living and part of the essential order of the created universe.  

Chapter 6  More warnings!!  Do not offer your property as collateral for your neighbhor's debt.  And avoid even the ants can tell you that.  THEY even work and are not lazy.  Don't be idle, keep God's commands....they will save you!!!!

tomorrow:  7-9

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