Thursday, July 23, 2009

Proverbs 27-29

Day 174

Wahooooo! It's a beautiful day again!! Yesterday was like being in, breezy and cloudy! It was perfect for me!!!  We are getting ready to have JJ's friends over this afternoon for a "water" real swimming pool, but a kiddie pool for the boys and one that Hannalee got for her birthday.  A couple of water sticks (I refuse to call them guns....because they ARE sticks anyway) and we'll turn on the sprinklers!   

I"m really counting the days down until Saturday.  Kristi and I are going shopping in OKC!!! without children or husbands. I don't think in the year we've known each other that we've EVER done anything with just us!! We are both excited!!!  

So more proverbs....not much to them...are you finding some that you like and are marking in your Bible. 

 If you are seeking the know the truth.  

Wicked is translated as "evil" and it can't stand against God.

Evil doesn't wear a mask!  

We aren't to cause another to stumble. 

That's about all....even my commentaries don't have anything to say about chapter 29.  :)  Pretty straight forward I guess!

Off to put Hannalee down for a nap and build train tracks with JJ!  

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