Thursday, July 9, 2009

Looky here.....

Day 165

Well, looky here!!  I bet you've all given up on me!!! I about have!!!!!  

We are getting ready for Hannalee's first birthday party tonight!!!! MY BABY!!! Oh me.....and her big brother will go to preschool in just over a month.  OH NO!!!   What's a mother to do???! 

Well, I'm going to try and get caught up with the blog...we are still very far behind in our own reading.  We read on vacation....but only 2 nights and not enough chapters to keep up. "schedule" that I have says that as of today, we should be finished reading thru to the end of Psalms 132!!!!  We are not there.  We are trying to catch up!  but tomorrow I will blog a couple of chapters about what we will read tonight.   So if you are wondering what chapters we are on, we'll try and catch up this week....let's say for sure, we'll ALL be caught up and on THIS Sunday let's be finished with the Psalms.  So get to reading!!!! We will start the Proverbs on Monday night the 13th.  Then we can all read, catch up and I'll start posting again when we start the Proverbs.   MIGHT get time to do another summary of Psalms.!  I know I am!!!

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  1. Oh my. We've been trying to figure out where we are. I think I'm on 85 right now. I should not be typing, I should be reading! Ok, we'll read.