Friday, July 17, 2009

Proverbs 10-12

Day 169

Thank you, Jesus!!! We had RAIN!!!!!!!! And it MIGHT not get over 100 degrees today!! Mercy!!!  I swear...that was a long two weeks of 110 degrees!! That was awful!!!  The electricity went out at 10:00 last night......and maybe everything came blaring back on around 2:30.   

Gotta be quick today........swim lessons for JJ at 11:15 and Hannalee is taking 1 year old pics at 2:00.   wahoooo! I haven't read all of this, because we had no lights last night as we crawled into bed!! but here's some stuff from a commentary.

Chapter 10  Here is the beginning of Solomon's proverbs.  I like the promise about the righteous never going hungry.   But how can that be true?  We know that righteous people DO starve??  So what's going on here???  HUm......maybe a general promise about the truth of how God lives and moves and works in us.  A GENERAL promise....not an absolute guarantee??  Could else would you explain this to a starving child whose parent has lost their job and they are out of food?!

Chapter 11 a kindhearted woman.......will gain more respect than any number of wealthy women.  Love God, receive the highest praise!  A woman who makes her goal to be like Jesus, kind, loving and compassionate without talking about others, will have a far greater influence for good in the world than anyone who ruthlessly pursues worldly goals.  

Okay...what's up the ring in the pig's snout????!  Nose rings were  beautiful ornamentation.  DON"T TELL MY KIDS THAT IN 15 YEARS WHEN THEY WANT ONE!!  "But mom, they did it in the Bible!"  Right I'll say...they also said, "eye for eye in the Bible!"   :)   But the nose ring were shiny and gold....but on a was an unclean thing.  The point is this:  you might be beautiful on the outside, but not always to God.  You must use your BEHAVIOR in line with godly wisdom...otherwise, you're just as ugly as a pig with a pretty ring in your nose!! :)  

Chapter 12  a wife of noble character.  this is the same word used to describe Ruth!  Go and read about her character and qualities!!A wife who pursues wisdom and godly character can be the most important influence in her husband's who doesn't is his downfall!  

tomorrow:  13-15!

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