Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Numbers 10-13

Day 48

Hola!  Buenas dias!!  Como estan?!  Todo bien aqui!

Hi!  Good morning!  How are you all?  All is well here!
No Greek lessons to go with our Bible reading....just a little "espanol" sprinkled in to humor you!

Chapter 10 The silver trumpets --  trumpets are talked about throughout the Old Testament. One of a ram's horn and these, the silver  trumpets.  They are to be used to gather the community together and prepare the camp for travel.  There is a series of signals that are used during Israel's wilderness march.  (Hey...is it a wilderness or a dessert?!  Dunno.  Both I guess?!)  One trumpet blast calls only the leaders and one loooooooooong blast signals that the east side is to set out.  And then a second loooooooooong blast is for the south side, etc.  The Aaronide priests are in charge of the blowing and tooting of the horn.  Then, once the Israelites are in Canaan, the trumpet will be used to summon the people to holy war AND the trumpet will be used for a divine promise:  that God will be prompted to remember them!  Such power in these trumpets. One toot of the horn and people come running or better yet, God appears to remember you.   I think I'll go see if they have one at Walmart today!  I'll let you know! :)  

Chapter 11     Chapter 10 ended with the Israelites finally leaving Sinai.  They are loaded up and headed out!  Giddy up!  But, there is already grumbling..they are starving and lamenting and whining and complaining....and of course, God heard them and was mad that they were mad.  Not a good thing....ever--it brought about fire from the Lord! :)  So the people cried out so long and loud that Moses had to pray to the Lord to stop the fire.   

So, as we know...the people would rather have had meat to eat than to be free from slavery. Moses even cried out to the Lord, "hey! I didn't give birth to these people...why am I responsible for them?  They aren't my children. And where in the world am I going to get enough meat to feed all of these 600,000 people?!  Where O Lord?!  Where?"  God provided. Quail.  For a month.  Until it came out of their nostrils.  Until they loathed it.  Really...its in there....I didn't make that part up!   They had to eat it for complaining before the Lord.

Poor Moses....he was feeling overwhelmed with no one to help him carry the burdens of the people.  So God had him gather up the 70 leaders to help him.  A lesson to be learned for us too.  Who is around you that can help you?  Who can you share your burdens with?  At church? At home?  In your family? At work?  Be sure to call upon the Lord and your family and friends to help you carry the burdens.  

Chapter 12   This is a chapter that begins the conflict that people were having with their God appointed prophetic leadership.  Moses was the most humble man on earth yet his own family and people were  questioning his leadership.  But the Lord straightened them out by saying HEY!  I'm revealing myself to you all through Moses and it is with him that I speak FACE TO FACE!  So Miriam and Aaron....get over yourselves...its Moses that God chose!  Moses is a very gift and charismatic person ........he does not have an inherited office of leadership....it is filled with the divine Spirit; he speaks for the community and he intercedes on their behalf.  I think this chapter is the beginning of many "murmuring" stories to come...there is going to be lots of complaining between here and chapter 19.  But I don't blame them....wilderness, camping, not knowing.....quail out their nostrils.....I see where they are coming from!  AND this will be the beginning of the end for this first generation.   

Chapter 13  BoldSome "scouts" are sent out for 40 days to check out the land.  What did they find?  Milk and honey flowing! But also people who were bigger than the Israelites.  Their perspective and their attitude are greatly affected by what they see.  The Israelite spies to Canaan are overwhelmed by the size the inhabitants there.  They couldn't believe their eyes.  God has promised them this land, but all they see is that the people can't be conquered.  Their attitudes negatively impact their ability to move forward.  When they see the size of the Canaanites, they are overcome with fear.  They forgot God's power and promise.  

Don't forget!  Don't complain!  Share your burdens.  Lest your nostrils be filled with quail!  :)  

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