Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Numbers 28-30

Day 55

Okay...just heard on Good Morning America that Anita Renfrow is going to be on there tomorrow.  She's a comedian that I've seen at Women of Faith in the past.  AND...she has the very popular "you tube" video called "The Mom Song."  It is very funny!  If I can figure out  how, I"ll post it or a link to it, later.  If not just watch her tomorrow on GMA.  She'll be talking about "mom" stuff I think.  

AND....the tractors (all 50 of them!) just might get packed up and put into a closet in a box until JJ stays and SLEEPS in his own bed for a week ....okay...I'll start with 3 nights in a row--that would be nice!  We finally gave up and just had him sleep on the floor with his pillow and a blanket last night. Even then he still tried to get in bed with us.  ARGH!  The tractors are going!  

Chapter 28-29    Okay.  I'm tired of offerings.  Tired of daily offerings, tired of monthly offerings, tired of things that are supposed to be "an aroma pleasing to God" but surely only stinks to the high heavens; tired of 10 rams, 12 sheep, 2 bulls, ephahs and hins. OH! And a partridge in a pear tree!!!!!!!!!!!!  But the Sabbath offering is ONLY mentioned here in all of the Pentateuch (the first 5 -pente=5-- books of the Bible.)  Okay...to know that was worth reading.  Had we not read this chapter we would have never read about the Sabbath offerings.  We only have it here folks!

What we really do have here, in spite of seeming repetitious, is the complete year long cycle of how the Israelites are to worship.  This is their annual cycle of worship. Okay...there...that makes a little more sense!   

Lesson learned:  This does teach us that time is holy.  We are always in a rush to go somewhere, get something done, see someone that we miss the relationships.  Life is not about speed in reaching a goal, its about relationships.  Time is holy.  

Chapter 30   This chapter focuses primarily on vows by women.  This is the second chapter to focus on the role of women.  Rather rare.  Ancient Israelite society was very patriarchal.  The underlying concern in this chapter is the financial obligations that accompany vows.  The laws regarding women   were to protect them....as peculiar as this may seem to our contemporary minds.  The primary regulation regarding vows is that they had to be fulfilled! Had to be!!!  At that time, women were under the authority of the men in their lives.  God knows that their responsibilities to their families and to their husbands may at times conflict with their vows and their obligations to God.  So, because of this, the clause that will release women from their eliminating the source of contention....and hopefully prevent them from abuse.  As good as this all is....this chapter doesn't play a relevant role for our modern culture.  We are to be equal! ;)   Making a vow means that God is active and present in your life.  The vows were usually made at a time of crisis.  There is power in making vows!  We have vows of marriage, leadership, baptism, tithing.  

Lessons learned:  May we always take our vows seriously and honor those we are responsible to with them.  We are required and expected to fulfill our vows we make.  

Tomorrow:  31-32

Come, holy Spirit, come!

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