Thursday, February 26, 2009

Numbers 33-34

Day 57

Yesterday gave me spring fever!!! We were outside all day!  We went to the library with dear sweet friends and then to Nana and Papa's to see the new baby billy goat!!  He was cute!  Then the kids played a bit more.  We came home and  I started to have JJ rest at wasn't looking too hopeful for a nap but I thought he could at least lay down, read books and rest.  But then I looked outside and realized that its going to get cold again and we headed OUT! I jumped roped to get some cardio, HannaLee hung out in the stroller all covered up and in the shade, and JJ drove his little car and I timed him to get him to race himself! We were out for almost 2 hours!  It was sooooo nice!!!  HannaLee even laid down for a nap and JJ and I went back outside!!  But tonight a cold front comes.  It will go from 78 today to 48 tomorrow.  But spring is on the horizon!  OH!! I even did an excercise video while JJ and Dusty went to church (HannaLee has an eye infection and I didn't want her in the nursery until its cleared up!)  So I sweated at 7:00 last night...even sat on the front porch to cool off!!  Come on Spring!!!!!!!!!!! plug for Anita Renfroe was a flop yesterday.  She was on for 2 minutes at THE VERY END of the show!  She must have a new show coming out on TV but she didn't even plug it!! She said "a show on another major network."  That was it.  She's married to a pastor, lives in Mississipi and the show is maybe something about that.  I was disappointed.   BUT!! Another plug I've been meaning to tell you about.  Beth Moore!!! My hero!! She comes on way early every Wednesday morning on "Life Today with Betty and James Robinson (?)" It's on my ABC Family at 4:30AM! Yes..AM.  So I set my Tivo for it and watch it every week.  Its about a 20-25 minute Bible study that she does. Now, that show "Life Today" comes on every day, but Beth is ONLY on Wednesday's! So...if you like her, love her or don't even know her (how could you not?!)  set your machines to the show!!!  She's awesome!  

Okay....let's get to it! mercy....I've rambled.

Chapter 33  do you realize we'll finish Numbers tomorrow??! WOW!   Only one more book from the Pentetuch to go!! Wahooooo!  I'm proud of all of you! Even if you are only reading this blog and not the actual Bible verses, that is still great!! I think its awesome!  I'm loving it! My husband told me I"m addicted to the Bible.  Well, maybe so. Better than ding-dongs! :)  Been there, done that!  :)  This chapter provides a summary and a transition for the book of Numbers. We have what Moses wrote down...a very detailed summary of their journey.   Be sure to see the map has it all mapped out.  Thanks to my wonderful assistant, Sheryl. AKA...MOM!!!!  :)  This is simply a list of their resting places.  Now...if you're adventurous like me....this was great.  Move in, live a little, pack up, move out.  I did that for quite sometime! Graduate school, Up with People, Bolivia, Guatemala, Bolivia, Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala.....if you know me, you know the story! :)  If not, I've moved and traveled a lot.  All promptings by God.  But more most people, and me now, this was hard...moving around fo4 40 years.  We like to "nest" and get settled in.  My commentary states that there are 42 locations listed here.  The rest of the chapter is almost a warning....well, it IS a warning.  They get their land all distributed and then they are warned.  Warned to get rid of the inhabitants as they cross the Jordan River to the promised land.  They are to get rid of the inhabitants for the Canaanites might have a negative impact on their holy lives.   So, out with the inhabitants.  Expel them from the land!  POOF!  Gone.   And if they didn't.....God will give them their own trouble where they live.   God will do to the Israelites what He planned to do to the Canaanites.  They cannot be tempted to be pulled away from their God.  What or who tries to pull you away from God?  What or who do you try to keep or bring closer to God?  That is our lesson from here!   

Chapter 34   This chapter lists the geographical boundaries of the tribes and the land they receive.  This is also a list of the tribal leaders.  Out of  time and insight.  Too much "fluff" writing today.....HannaLee is hungry.  Sorry!  We'll wrap it up tomorrow!!  

The Lord bless you and keep you!   


  1. Excellent again! I wasn't disappointed in Anita Renfroe. And...glad you had a fun day yesterday! Your Assistant.

  2. Again....Thank you for leading us through the Bible!! AND those wonderful play days outside with our lil ones!! xoxoYFA