Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Numbers 14-15

Day 49

Sorry if you're having to  check back to get today's readings.....just late getting here...dishes, kids, and dog you know....I wasn't going to rush to do this....wanted everyone "content" while I did it.  :)  Just as a side note...I hate the smell of peaches.  I fed HannaLee something with peaches in it...I don't like the smell....similar to the smell of dirty rotten socks or an old milk bottle. I dunno.  YUCK. Don't even like the smell of "adult" a truly fresh one...maybe. I've never been one for "mushy" food.  I've been trying to eat 5 fruits and veggies a day.  Peaches is NOT on MY list! :)  I get the 5 but only with the help of 8 oz of V-8 juice!  I can gulp it down and call it 2 veggies!  Done! :)  

Chapter 14    OH MY STARS!  Have you read this yet?  Have you read what the people want to do?  Have you thought "well the nerve they have?!"  The people have murmured again, wishing they had died in Egypt or eve in the wilderness.  They complain about their divine leading and are afraid that their children will become "booty."  So poor Moses falls on his face before the assembly; a posture that is usually of reverence to God BUT!!!!!  When its done before the congregation, it it showing them that they are angry in response to their murmuring. Thankfully, Joshua and Caleb respond here and reaffirm  God's power to fulfill the promise of the land.  They even tear their clothes as a sign of mourning.  Now...there have been days when I've wanted to  tear my clothes because they don't fit but never out of mourning! Well...maybe mourning my skinnier days! :)  So God appears and steps in and complains that He cannot believe that the people have rejected the divine leading.....even though they have seen the signs of His power in Egypt and in the wilderness.  Moses tells God about.....GOD!  Moses uses the Lord's own words to reason with Him!! I loved that part! I love, because Moses has been paying attention! He's been actually listening to the Lord and spending  time with Him so much that he can quote God back to God!!  That's cool! Moses tells God about God.

the 40 days in the wilderness is equal to the 40 years.  The Israelites' sentence of wondering for 40 years is not a random sentence.  Each year of their nomadic existence corresponds to a day that they explored the land.  This 40 year lesson is experienced not only in the LIVES of the people, but also in their DEATHS.  For their acts of rebellion all of those who could have fought in the war (because of their age) will now die in the desert.  For 40 years in the desert, they will not only wander, but they will die....die for their sins of rebellion.  Thankfully God is still compassionate and doesn't completely destroy them.....the younger Israelites will eventually reach the promised land of milk and honey.  THEY will trust God for their power to conquer!!!!

Chapter 15   sigh........We are so excited reading chapter 14 because it was something different.  Here, we have more of the repeat of the offerings......the bottom line here....a sin is a sin is a sin is a sin.  All require atonement.  Intentional or unintentional there are consequences.  

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