Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leviticus 26-27

Day 42

What?!  Only one comment from my mother at how precious my children are?! Humph! :) I do really think they are cute!  And...they are!  

We've finished another book!  Don't find that fulfilling and exciting?  I love it!  I almost feel sad that another book is over but there is plenty more to come so keep diggin' in!

Chapter 26  After learning all of the laws of the holiness code and after learning how to make sacrifices it comes down to being able to make two choices:  to obey or not to obey.  And great are the consequences for either choice.  Rewards or punishments.  There is an immediate and tangible reward for their immediate compliance.  They will have 6 blessings...showers of blessings: 1) they will have rain, (crops, fruits, all the food they want), 2) and will live safely in their land...they will have peace and not be afraid.  3) God will "take care of" their enemies and keep beasts from their land; 5)they themselves will be looked upon with favor and their crops and cattle will prosper, 6) God will move and be with them and they will no longer ever be slaves.   

But their punishments for disobedience will bring about God's displeasure and He will send them terror, disease, hunger, and defeat on those who disagree with His laws.  Even in the midst of a famine that God will bring upon them they will be so desperate as to eat the flesh of their sons and of their daughters.  Now, that's what I call a famine.  YUCK!    The 6 blessings are contrasted with 6 curses: 1) sudden terror; 2) their judgment will be "seven times" higher; 3) wild animals will be let loosed; 4) threat of war; 5) plagues and disease; 6) and finally...if no repentance and no turning from their disobedience has come forth the land will become desolate, their cities will lay in ruins, and the Lord's anger and fury will be upon them.  Interestingly enough, if those who are left will finally confess their sins and those of their fathers-- the wrath of God will cease.  God WILL remember them and the covenant He made with their people.  He will be their God for He is the Lord.

Chapter 27    This is another accounting system for their laws of vowing people and things to God.  These are not mandated vows, but rather come out of one's own desire to express love to the Lord.  This could be misleading that men are "worth more" than women....but a commentary states that it is not about a woman's intrinsic value, but rather about the "amount of work women and men were expected to give at the temple."  That made me feel better.  :)  Once anything is dedicated and devoted to the Lord it is His.....totally and wholly (and holy! :)  )  Our devotion is a serious thing...not be done lightly..

Lesson's learned from Leviticus as a whole:  holiness consists of full and total consecration one one's whole person to the Lord.  It calls to separate oneself from uncleanness and from all that defiles.  The only way to attain the holiness taught in Leviticus is both in its initial inception as well as in its daily renewal.  Why do all this?  Why bother?   Because as it is written in 19:2, "be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy!"   No better summary!

Tomorrow........Numbers 1-2!  

May peace and holiness be yours........


  1. I didn't get today's read yet...didn't realize we were through. wow! yea!! That's great. Thanks for helping us through it.

  2. I want to start out by saying you have beautiful children!!!!! Children are such a wonderful blessing from God. Even when they are up at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30-4:40 and so on. I know how rough that can be. After reading this, I would want to keep God HAPPY. And I'm glad that you commented on the "worth" thing, about men and women. I wasn't sure what the difference in amounts was all about. Thanks for explaining that.