Monday, February 2, 2009

Leviticus 1-4

Day 33

How exciting!!!  We are on our 3rd book of the Bible so far!!   Isn't that awesome?  

A little background to get us started on the book of Leviticus.   It used to be called "the Priests' Manual."  It is a book of worship and ultimately a book about relationships.  Our relationship with God and then our relationship with others.  This is a book of laws and guidelines for how to live a holy lifestyle based on God's principles.  You know...I don't like details.  I"m the "big picture" kind of girl.'s the big picture of Leviticus.  

The book is divided into 6 parts:  
1) laws dealing with sacrifices ( chapters 1-7); 
2) the consecration of priests to their office (chapters 8-10); 
3) laws that distinguish clean from unclean (chapters 11-15);  
4) the ceremony for the annual day of atonement (chapter 16);
5) laws to govern Israel as a holy people (chapters 17-26); Many chapters in this section!!!  Takes a lot to be holy! :)
6) An appendix on religious vows (chapter 27).
There it is in a nutshell.  Just like I like it.  Short, sweet and to the point and neatly summed up without details to bog us down!  I know....I know...we have to read the details to learn how to be holy people.  :)    So, let's get started!  It's kinda "gory" though if you ask Dusty! :)

Chapter 1  There are 3 choices of how to make these burnt offerings...that the Bible says "is a pleasing aroma to God."  I don't know about that .....burnt goat innards and such doesn't catch a pleasing aroma in MY nose.....I don't think they would put that smell of any offerings in a candle scent today!  Ew!  Three choices:  from the herd, from the flock, and from the birds!  If the offering of worship to the Lord is from the herd then it is to be a male without defect.  They are to cut it apart, Aaron's sons sprinkle the blood on the altar on all sides, and the head and fat are arranged neatly so on the wood.  Then, "an offering made by fire is an aroma pleasing to the Lord."   This is to be at the entrance of the tent of meeting.   If the offering comes from the flock, sheep or goats, it too is to be a male without defect but this offering is to be made on the north side of the altar.  Oh ya...they are supposed to wash the inner parts too!  Because that will make this less gross?! :)  It too is a pleasing aroma to the Lord.  If the offering comes from the birds, it is to be a young dove or a young pigeon.  They are to wring his neck, drain out the blood and tear it open (not completely open!) by its wings.  It too is burned and is a yummy smell apparently!  

All of this is done in order to make a payment for their sins and to prove their love, loyalty and devotion to the Lord.  

Chapter 2  The grain offering is to be made of fine flour and is never to be made alone.  It must always be accompanied by a burnt offering.  This grain offering represents the finest work of the people's labor. 

Chapter 3 The fellowship offering is also known as a peace offering or an offering of "well-being."  In all of the other offerings, the priest is the one doing the work.  In this offering the people actually do it and even invite friends and neighbors to participate with them.

Chapter 4  The sin offering is done even when the sins are unintentional!  They, like us, are held accountable for their sins.  A sacrifice of blood is required.  The sinner's guilt is transferred to the animal by the laying on of hands.  Is that why we tell our kids to keep their hands to themselves??! :)  

Must awake and crying!!!

Look for the ways you can make offerings to the Lord today!  


  1. Yes, it is awesome because most of us would not have kept on reading most of this on our own. You make it go faster and better. Thank you.

  2. OMG, I needed this! I've been reading my Bible through since about February and I hit a snag with this book! Leviticus is killing me, but you have summed it up so well & pointed out things I didn't even see...and with music & pictures!
    God bless & please don't stop. I plan on using you as my running commentary as I read from now on!