Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Introduction to Numbers

If you can believe it....I've had a free "quiet" hour while JJ has played with Kennedy at Nana's.  So, a brief overview of what we will be reading upcoming in Numbers.

Numbers!  Numbers!  Numbers!  We've made it!  Made it to the 4th book of the Bible! Wow!  A little background information about the Book of Numbers before we get started. The subheading in my Bible calls this a book about "wonderings of a faithless generation."  Faithless??  Did they not read about what would happen to them if they didn't keep a relationship with God??!  Oh my...this is going to be interesting!  

This book falls into 2 main divisions:  chapter 1-25 -- how the entire first Exodus generation murmured against God in the wilderness and refused to take the land.  They rebelled, complained, and disobeyed time and time again.  And what did God do? He gave them mercy and forgiveness...despite their continued rebellion!  Their lack of faith will bring about the death of an entire generation and 40 years of wondering in the Sinai desert. 

The end of the book (chapters 26-36) will deal with a new generation that God leads toward the promised land under Moses' leadership.  I think we will see a great contrast play out between the security they found in slavery verses the freedoms they have in the wilderness!!!   

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