Thursday, February 5, 2009

Leviticus 12-13

Day 36

I told you....yesterday I gave up!  So today...I'm posting a little later...not first thing! But the kids are happy, fed, bathed, and clothed and the dog is put up!  Ahhhhh!   Don't expect that much more insight and thought provoking words though! :)  

Chapter 12   Well, well, well......purification after childbirth.  Like we wouldn't know to clean ourselves up to begin with?!  Let me tell you....after having HannaLee with 3 epidurals (yes 3!); passing out several times during the actual pushing; the doctor tugging, no PULLING my placenta out because it wouldn't deliver, and then telling me the next morning, "that's the worst delivery I've ever had!"...I don't think there was any need to tell me that I needed to clean up!  The spitz bath was my friend!   And derma plast!  Somebody must have made atonement for me, cause I'm clean now! :)  Fat, but clean! :)  Just to be clear, this is only about the discharge of blood...not the actual love, marriage, or sex that makes a woman unclean.  Just had to be sure we were clear about that! 

Chapter 13.......does this chapter ever end??!!!  I had to read it last's on 4 pages in my Bible.  Pretty much, they didn't know what to do with acne I decided!  They kept saying, "if you have white spots on your skin you are unclean..."  Go to the priest....he was their doctor too. It wasn't really acne/zits....but they had discoloration of the skin, swelling, boils, burns, itches, patchy white skin, and baldness!  BALDNESS!? Nope...they're considered clean! Shew!  Most of these are conditions of disease like measles, scarlet fever, small pox, etc.  And of course....leprosy.  I read that leprosy is the least communicable of all those diseases, but it was feared the most among the Israelites.  OH!   Don't forget the mildew!  I did not know mildew problems were ever mentioned in the Bible.  I do now!  Twelve verses even! And to be  cleaned from all of these you must offer sacrifices...of animals.  After so many times of offering animals up how in the world are there any left?! I asked Dusty in exasperation, "where are they getting all of these animals from?"  His answer....NOAH!  Funny, honey!  Very clever....yes, thanks to Noah they can all make animal sacrifices.  Guess God knew what He was doing after all!  

Lessons learned:  doesn't seem like much at first glance but God is concerned not only about our souls but also about the welfare of our bodies.  The Israelites are God's chosen people and everything He commands them to do is in order to draw them closer to Him.  God is holy.  We must be holy in His presence and accept nothing less for ourselves before Him. God dwells among clean and be holy.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow............


  1. We'll wait on you and keep checking back. Have a calmer morning!

  2. Okay, my first response to chapter 12 is anger. Why must we be considered unclean 40 extra days for having a girl, first of all! Or, when you get down to it, why did God set up childbirth to be this way, then punish the woman as being unclean?
    But upon further thought (thank God, huh!), I realized He was really doing the woman a favor. If she was considered unclean, it allowed her to skip certain duties, am I right? She didn't have to go offer sacrifices, etc. Like a rest, allowing her to focus on being a mom to a newborn. Hmmm...I like that!

  3. Oh, and obviously I am WAY behind, which is why I'm reading your February posts. I got behind in the Old Testament, but I'm reading in several other places in the New Testament as well, trying to keep it interesting. I really am enjoying your comments. I have so many questions, though.