Saturday, February 28, 2009

Deuteronomy 1-2

Day 59

going to get to scrapbook with some girlfriends today.  Then to the bball game.  No babysitters. They are going to the game too or are out of town.  The place will be packed and we like to take up about 10 seats for the 4 of us.......3 for JJ to play with tractors on the floor by, at least 2 to spread out HannaLee's stuff and then a chair for coats, etc.  Glad they don't charge per chair! Ha! We'll just have to get there early! Hope we win! 

Deuteronomy!! We are making good progress!!!  So a quick note about what's going on in this book.  The title in my Bible from the intro says "obedience brings blessing; disobedience brings punishment."  YOU DON"T SAY?!!  Hum....I hope we've learned at least that much.  Sounds familiar doesn't it.  Deuteronomy restates the covenant of love between god and his people issued earlier in Exodus.  Moses is getting ready to die and prepares Joshua to take the lead.  Moses gives three sermons here....each reminding the Israelites (the new generation of them) of where they've come from as a people....Egypt, the desert, and to Canaan.  Throughout the whole book are opportunities to look at life's choices from God's perspective.  We will be reminded to keep our focus on God and not on the "idols" of our lives.  Deuteronomy comes from the Greek word that means "second law."  This is an appropriate title since it describes the law given by Moses in the plains of the Moab is a second giving of the law that had first been given as the terms of the covenant are reiterated.  If its repeated, it must be important!  The 10 commandments will even be repeated in chapter  5 and will be tied together with the laws and legislation that we will read about it chapter 12-26.  So...let's get to it!  Come on......

Chapter 1:    We begin with opening statements (v. 1-5) about establishing Moses' authority...he is the great founding father of Israel.  These words that follow were given to Moses in the wilderness and  the author's perspective about living in the land.  All of this that follows was given by God to Moses....we've established that.  So....the even and the man provide the point of beginning of the religion and the faith of Israel, through which God gave His special divine calling and destiny of Israel.  The people are reminded that God made the promise and surely this time it will be different! The people are feeling very vulnerable because of the death, struggles, diseases and plagues that they have survived.  But God is bigger than all of that.  Their faith must remain intact.  This chapter affirms their faith, tests their faith and tells them they will be judged.    Verse 6-8 is a reminder of the promise of the land given to Israel's first ancestors.  Moses is summarizing their history.  The phrase "the Lord our God" occurs in this book no less that 20 times!!  Be sure He is God!!!  Verses 9-18 reminds them that the burden was too heavy for Moses to carry alone.  It was first in  Numbers 11 directed toward it is directed at the people.  They are reminded that there is a fair judicial system in place...not just Moses making decisions alone.  This will come into question later!Verses 19-33  This is basically a collective responsibility that is shared with all of them on the mission field and there is a share "culpability" for the consequences for the spying going on,.....for they've rebelled against the Lord.  Verses 34-45 contrasts Caleb's faithfulness with the lack of it from the wider community.  Can you even believe that the people accuse God of being vindictive towards them?  Read verse 27 again!!!  Watch out for contrasting attitudes throughout this book.  Watch where their loyalties lie and where they have sympathies!

Chapter 2:  Wanderings in the remember...Moses is still giving them a speech of reminding who they are, WHOSE they are, and where they came from.  This is simply restating their travels and their journey. This illustrates that they COULD HAVE been at the entrance of Canaan only 11 days after leaving Mount Sinai, but because of their lack of faith, they wandered in the desert for 40 years!  11 days versus 40 years!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!  Never realized that!!! Hopefully this younger and more faithful generation will be energized to learn from the failures and mistakes and will move ahead with humility and wisdom!!! HUMILITY and WISDOM!!  Surely they will learn this!?  Oh but me oh we?   What do we need to learn from our failures and mistakes?   Don't be left out in the wilderness!  Follow God, remember WHOSE you are and be devoted to God!  For doing so will give you the full promises that He has for you!  Sounds much better than quail coming out your nostrils!! :)  

The Lord bless you and keep you!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  1. I wasn't here yesterday to say this, but if you all haven't clicked on the link above for the Book of Numbers Quiz, you'll be surprised how much we've learned! I couldn't pass it at all the first time. Yesterday I got 90%, but today I would know 100%. Thank you Shannan. ysm