Sunday, March 1, 2009

Deuteronomy 3-4

Day 60!  WOW!! That's two whole months my friends!!!  How cool!!

Our team LOST! WAAAAAAA!  I was so looking forward to going to the state tourney to watch the girls play.  They just didn't get it done.  Lots of seniors too!  Bummer!!!   PS.....JJ stayed in bed all night.  He was worn out, I don't even think he moved!  :)

Chapter 3  King Og gets defeated.  Why?  I hear you ask....because the Lord handed them over to the Israelites!  If you can't win a war when the Lord hands over your enemy to you...then there's something wrong.  Something wrong like that they aren't being obedient.  But they defeat old King Og and destroy the people completely.  They were struck down and left no survivors.  The enemies had to be completely obliterated.   Why was this necessary?  Well, if there are people are that worship false gods, then the Israelites would be tempted to turn away from their worship and devotion to God and would look towards others false religions. They had to be destroyed in order for the Israelites to remain devoted to the Lord!!  This do though demand faith and courage on the Israelites part. Where do you need faith and courage?  

My version shows several interesting things in parentheses. One is about King Og's "bed."  It states how big it is and what it is made of.  There is a picture of it here today at the bottom of the blog. Scroll on down!  Moses then spends time retracing their history from the beginnings from the time of revelation of God on Mt. Horeb to the eve of the people's entry into the land.  This has been Moses' first sermon and continues to remind the 2nd generation of their failures and victories. He is preparing them to fight and to go ahead and enter the land of Canaan....without him.  He will die before seeing the promised land because of his disobedience right along with Aaron's.  Joshua is about to take over.  Not that he will be another "Moses" for there never was, but he will be a successful leader.  All he has to do is ensure that the people will follow through and carry out the commands and instructions of Moses.  Joshua must faithfully carry these out....sounds simple enough right?! Right! Ha!  :)

Chapter 4  So far (chapters 1-3) we've been reminded about who the Israelites are.  Now, here in chapter 4, we are reminded who GOD is and who God is not.  God is not like the gods of silver, gold, wood or even stone.  This is a great summons and command and warning against idolatry!  They are to be careful and watch themselves they don't forget the things their eyes have seen.  Don't forget what miracles God has done!!  Don't forget who you are devoted to!  Don't forget!  Then Love.....ah love....a many splendid thing! :)  All of this boils down to the love of the Lord.  Moses keeps preaching about the law of love "because He loved your forefathers and chose their descendants after them and brought them out of Egypt." (v. 37) God did all of this with His power and strength....did it out of love for His own people that He created!!!  Once again we return to the theme of the covenant.  The people are continually reminded of God's unwavering love.  Though times might be difficult and challenges before them seem greater than God...the reality is, is that God is there. In their midst.  In their presence.....loving them all along the way!  The other gods of wood, gold and silver and stone won't love them.  CAN'T love them!!   Only God can love them.  And only God can love us!!! 

Remember......there is no other God than our God of love and grace and mercy and forgiveness!  

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