Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Deuteronomy 11-13

Day 63

Good morning!  Sleeping children! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)  Sweet bliss!   HannaLee is getting pictures made today! She'll be precious.....minus the first bump on her head! I can't believe the day before pics she bumped and bruised her pretty little head! She's crawling like a speed demon and even already pulling up!!! 8 months on Saturday!  She'll be walking before she's one!!!!!! Yikes!

Chapter 11  Moses' final sermon that summarizes all of  chapters 5-11:  the Ten Commandments are vitally important and must never be forgotten!  Again...kind of a repeating theme.....keep the commandments,  be diligent in doing so!  They are to keep in them in mind and to keep them close to their hearts by binding them as a sign to their hands, to teach them to their children, and to think upon them wherever and whenever it is possible.  This is important not only because God said to do, but also because possessing the promised land is conditional upon doing so!!!!  No obedience, no land, no way!!!

Chapter 12   We've had the covenant code, now we get the first law of the land!   The next several chapters are going to lay out the laws of the new land in correlation with the Ten Commandments.  There is to be only one place to worship the Lord. Unlike with other nations, they could worship  their "god" anywhere and anyhow....without much reverence.  Here, however, there is to be one single place to worship and only one place to make sacrifices and burnt offerings. They are to go in and destroy any and all idols that are in the land...these will get in the way of worshiping their one true God.  Idolatry is to be avoided at any and all costs!!!  This goes right along with the first commandment to worship no other gods.  Worship is to be centralized to gain uniformity among the people and to strengthen their spiritual faith as a people.  A relationship with God is demand and His presence will be made known!  Yes, it seems that other nations and "god-worshippers" do such unthinkable practices as sacrificing their own children.  Might be a clue that you need a new god!!!!!

Chapter 13  they will always be tempted to worship idols or gods....from prophets tempting them.  God said that anyone who entices or tempts you they will be put to death!!!!  There must be no evil among them! God is a jealous God.....He holds the power of life and death in His hands.  The words of "death" might be harsh...but after all, there is a lot at stake! 

Lesson's learned:  don't be tolerant of other religions!!  That is what got us "here" in the first place!! Worship God and pray for others!! 

Tomorrow:  chapter 14-16


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