Friday, March 13, 2009

Joshua 5-8

Day 72

Honestly.......this is a chore today than a joy.  Bear with me! :)  Maybe I"m being selfish.....right now, I'd rather take a shower first.  And I'd rather work on some scrapbook stuff.  But if I even showered first......I'd never make it back in here....laundry would call. Then kids. You know the story!  :)  Enough whining like an Israelite!  Ha! Let's study the Word!  

Chapter 5  This circumcision is not being done "again" to the same men. That's what I thought first at verse 2!  I thought, "What??  AGAIN??"  OUCH!! Once ought to be enough...............but this was "again" as in for the new generation.  The circumcision is important because it is a sign of Israel's unique relationship with God (look back to Genesis 17:11-13)! It's been there all along.  Then we begin to focus on Jericho.....have you heard the music on the player today?  Several songs about Jericho and the Jordan.  Jericho is going siege and destruction.  This city is important because of its location.......its got an oasis, its just off the Jordan river, and its closely located to Jerusalem.  So, I guess you could say "location, location, location!"  :)  the place where Joshua was standing was "holy!'   The city is set on a hill and is surrounded by a mammoth wall.  "it was tightly shut up." (6:1).  Lesson learned:  being close to God, and in a right relationship with God makes us holy!  

Chapter 6   So they march....and they march....but the people of Jericho probably assume they are rather safe and sound behind their wall.  But there is complete devastation......everything is gone, burnt, plundered and taken.....nothing is left of the Canaanite city!  I guess just one remnant.....Rahab the prostitute and her family.....but she was completely loyal to the Israelites cause! Otherwise, a complete break away from it!! A new beginning for the Israelites.  If anyone even tried to rebuild the city, Joshua had already cursed that person.......whoever it may be (v. 26).   God helped them knock down the wall.  God and His power and holiness.  Lesson learned:  God is at work in our lives! 

Chapter 7  But wouldn't you know......somebody has to spoil the victory for them all! One bad apple!! Acahan thinks he can save some of the plunder that is supposed to be devoted to God.   He just wanted a few things.......silver and gold.   He thinks if no one sees him taking them, he could hide them in his tent.  I one is watching right?   No one saw him take should be fine!  OH !  Right.......GOD SAW HIM!  DUH!!!! He didn't have a very big understanding of God did he??! :)  God is watching and Achan's rebellion and sin had an effect on his life that cost him everything......all he owns and his family.   Lesson learned:  we can't hide our sins!  

Chapter 8   Ai (ay-eye).....two long vowel sounds is how we THINK it's pronounced.  Except the teacher in me wants to say "when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking!"  :)  But Ai is a word that means "ruins."  It had a been a significant town in the highlands, but....wall or no wall......they were taken over.  Joshua and the men were so dern sneaky....I love it! how clever but yet conniving!!!  The place was utterly destroyed and the people knew that Joshua was going to be able to be the leader Moses was!  He was able to fulfill the commands, lead the people, and be successful.  Joshua was then to build an altar......just like all of the altars in the past......out of rough fancy tools used......and then he read the law.  Lesson learned:  there is no excuse for turning away from God and His promises when you know the law and the commands and the covenant.  :)

Tomorrow:  chapter 9-11

Jesus is marvelous and wonderful........  

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