Saturday, March 14, 2009

Joshua 9-11

Day 73

What a night!!!  I felt sick to my stomach after eating Mexican, Dusty had a runny nose that used an entire box of kleenex and I guess he thought he was keeping me up because he went to sleep in JJ's bed (who is at Papa's and has a bed full of sand from the sandbox!), and Hannalee was up at least an hour coughing!!   And I"m hot!!!   The heater was on I was ready to open a window!   Ugh!! And I didn't even get to enjoy sleeping or sleeping late!  Yawn.............but  it's Dusty's spring break!   Ahhhhhhhh!

Chapter 9  More sneakiness and deception!  Who knew?! The Gibeonites were prepared for war! Well, they were at least ready to act as if they were from far, far, away!  They did this because there was more leniency and hospitality toward people who weren't considered a "neighbor" and a threat.  The Gibeonites had such a fear of the Israelites that they deceived them first.  They even offer themselves up as the Israelites servants so they can have some bread that isn't moldy!  BUT!! The Israelites forgot to "inquire of the Lord" about these men!!  So they are then stuck in a peace alliance with them and can't go to war with them so they make them into woodcutters and water boys!   So they are cursed to the menial  task of tending to the altar and making sure their is continual wood for offering sacrifices.  

Chapter 10 The big 5 go down!!!  It takes a long chapter to basically say that the five kings of the entire Jersusalem region are well as their cities.  

I had to look up what "the book of Jashar" is......"a collection of Hebrew poetry and literature that records military exploits of the nation of Israel."  It names national heroes and the nations high points.  

And how the sun and moon stood still......well, God did it.......He figured if He could create it, He could make them stand still too!  Makes sense to me! :)

Chapter 11  Now the northern kings are defeated..  "How" I hear you ask?   :)  Because the Lord hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel so that they might be destroyed and be exterminated without mercy!!! WOW!!!  That better have hit you square in the eyes.....God hardened their hearts so that He didn't have to show them mercy?!!!!!!!!  Hum......when God  calls you His child, you have great power and strength and mercy on YOUR side!!! He was on the side of the doubt  about it!!

I think I'm beginning to like Joshua......he's a strong and consistent leader carrying out all the commands Moses and the Lord tell him to!  He is living a life as a positive role model of faith!  Who is your role model in faith?!!  

Tomorrow:  chapter 12-15

Be thou my vision O Lord of my heart...........

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