Sunday, March 15, 2009

Joshua 12-15

Day 74

A much better night was had by all!  

Chapter 12 -15 ( and really clear until chapter 22!!)   This is all about the distribution of the land.  And if you can pronounce ANY of those names of the are awesome!  Us...not so much...we could hardly stand to read the chapters last night for stumbling over the words!! And of course had no idea of where the boundaries REALLY are.   But we do know that they've conquered the rather barbaric ways....they've taken possession and they've divided it all up!  And....all of a sudden Joshua is old and he begins to bid them all farewell.  They get some land, they divide the land.  They get some land, they divide the land.  Get the picture?  They even cast lots to find out who gets what and where.  Why lots?  This does two things.....its keeps the tribes from fighting over the land amongst themselves and it puts God in charge of the process.  This way there is no manipulation and no political agendas.  It is interesting to note that Caleb gets the land he requests.  "Hey....I've been following Moses all this time; I've been faithful; I've been strong and helpful so give me my personal wish of land!"   And he did. My commentary calls him "a great hero of obedience!"    

The shortest blog yet.  There won't be much else to say until after chapter 22.   Just boundaries and cities that we can't pronounce!  :)  

stumble through chapters 16-18 for tomorrow! :)

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