Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Judges 16-18

Day 84

OH I  AM MAD!!!!!!   DUMB SNOW.  DUMB WEATHER! I AM SOOOOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED!!!  The one time I'm supposed to go somewhere BY MYSELF WITHOUT KIDS and there is a snow storm coming???!!! OH PUH-LEEEEEEZ!  Does the weather not realize that winter is officially OVER!!   We didn't get spit for snow all winter and now its a storm coming with 4" of snow?!!  ARGH!  HUMPH!  

Okay......I'm done pouting.   :(  I guess I'll scrapbook by myself.  Ya right!  

Chapter 16  Samson and Delilah      Samson was quite the lover of women!   And I read that the name "Delilah" is the root word of an Arabic name that means "flirt!"  Well, well.   I don't think she was in it for true love with Samson....she sold him out pretty quickly and tried to cohort him all along to shave his hair.  When Samson DOES let her shave his head he is renouncing his Nazirite vow.  This is important because it was the special and unique  way for God's presence in Samson life. So hair, no God!!!!   Look at verse says it right there.  After his head was shaved "the Lord had left him."  But his hair began to grow God didn't abandon him forever.....just long enough for Samson to realize his foolishness!  

Chapter 17-18  Micah's idols      Everyone was doing "as he saw fit."   This was definitely a time of do-as-you-please!   They still had no king......not that they were supposed to.....there was no one in charge and no one to ensure that God's commands were being lived out.  There is no moral compass and the commandments just don't seem to be important enough for the people to obey.  So....everyone does their own thing and does as they wish.  Instead of worshipping one true God, Micah sets up his own household idols and makes his own place of worship and hires a Levite priest as his own priest.  HELLOOOOOO?  Does anyone see what is wrong with this picture??   Even the Levites, who are the priest, have even become lawless!!!  The place of worship for GOD is at Shiloh at this time....not in Micah's house or in his own mind even! ha!   

So the Danites have stolen Micah's idols and assume that there will be a war over them.  So, the cowards that they are....the Danites put the children out front!!!  To protect themselves and hope that war won't ensue because the children and their mothers are out front!  How cowardly and cruel!!!   And the Danites set up their own place of worship in the North....all the while that GOD has said the place of worship for HIM is in Shiloh!!! Shame, shame, shame!!!!

Lesson's learned:  be pure before the Lord and keep worship of the Lord as the highest priority.  Not because of ourselves, but also because its the Lord's commands.  Don't be like Samson and compromise!  Stick  firm to your convictions in the Lord.

Tomorrow:  Judges 19-21 to finish off another book!

Enjoy the SUN!!!  Yippeeee! :)  The snow is coming.  ARGH!  :)  

But I"ll be grateful for the moisture that comes and not have to get moisture from a rain/tornado storm!!!  There.....the silver lining! :)  

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