Friday, March 6, 2009

Deuteronomy 17-20

Day 65

Its a freeeeeeee day and Dusty is out of school!!  We were "supposed" to be going to the state basketball games.  oh well......we get to go to Meme's and Papa John's instead!! Much more fun!   We are going to Elmo and Sesame Street Live tonight in OKC  and then back to Meme's house until Sunday afternoon!  Dusty and Hannalee are staying at Meme's while JJ and I go with cousins to OKC!

Chapter 17   If you they see someone else bowing down to a god, they are to "investigate it thoroughly."  If it is found to be true....stone them to death!  There must be more than just one witness!!!  Why are they to do this? To purge the evil from within their community.   They are going to want a king because everyone else has a king.  But they are only to appoint the one the Lord says!  

Chapter 18  The Levite priests get no inheritance of the land and everyone else must take care of them. Moses warns the people that the Canaanites are a strong spiritual people and not to be impressed by their practices.   You can be "spiritual" and not be truthful and honest about worshiping God.  They are not to engage in any of the detestable practices they may learn of.   For if they do, their relationship with God will be at stake!!  Don't trade God's glory for lesser practices that are only enticing. 

Chapter 19    Be good neighbors!  Just as Jesus said, "love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and strength and mind......and love your neighbor as yourself!"  Loving God and loving neighbors are intrinsically linked!  I love God ...and I love my neighbors! They are so much fun!!!   Don't move the boundary stones though....or your fence line!! It is where your property starts and ends.  Moving them is equal to stealing!  Leave the stones!!!   You must have witnesses to take any action against anyone.  Always a good rule to follow anyway!  

Chapter 20  Going to war against one's enemies comes with rules of war and stipulations. This chapter simply states how they are going to take over the Canaanite land.....they are to destroy everything....for the people have detestable practices and must be dealt with so the Israelites won't be tempted to sin against God in their worship.  The nations that are suffering are doing so because of their rebellion against God already!   

Worship God and God alone!  Give Him the glory in your life today and everyday!!!   

Tomorrow:  21-23 

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