Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deuteronomy 32-34

Day 70

I cried. I mean...cried.......tears streaming down my face, snot running out my nose, crying!!!!  I couldn't believe I was one breath away from losing it and going into a complete sob-cry!!!!   Moses died!!!  It hit me so hard! I was so sad....sad that he never saw the promised land, and sad that he died!  But.....silly girl, its not like I hadn't heard the story before.  It's not like I didn't already know how it was going to end! :)  I just looked at Dusty as we finished reading Deuteronomy and said, "I need a kleenex!"  He handed me one. I said, no....I'll need more!!  And another one!!! :)  Dusty had tears in his eyes too.  He said, "it's kinda like watching Old Yeller or Where the Red Fern know the ending but it's still sad!" Silly I know......but I guess that's what happens when the Word dwells within you.  I'll miss Moses and I'm just positive that I won't like this new guy... Joshua!! hahaha!  

Chapter 32....the Song of Moses....well, I got ahead of myself yesterday and I think I've covered the high points of the song! The word most repeated in the book of Deuteronomy is the word "remember."  All throughout, Moses wants to them remember who they were, where they came from, who saved them, and whose they are now!!!  This song is also about faith lived in a practical life!  There are verses (24-25) in which the people are in a time of crisis...."the teeth of beasts" have been sent against the people and so the question remains as to WHY God let this happen?  The song/poem answer is to try and say that it had simply become necessary for a time, but that the time would soon pass.  It is simply (or NOT so simply!) trying to convey the complexity of God's nature.  Remember, remember, remember!!!  Remember God's deliverance, remember past blessings, remember God's presence in the world, and remember....WE are free in Christ and slave to no one!!!  

Chapter 33  Moses blesses the tribes.  This blessing/poem is divided into two sections:  one about praising God in verses 2-5 and 26-29.  Moses acknowledges the divinity of God and then uses that the bless the tribes with a well.  Then, in the blessings to the tribes, Moses gives them all their own understanding of the divine power and gifts.  These blessings have addressed the laws of Israel, the warnings, the threats, and the exhortations to heed the Word of God!!! Be obedient to the Word and the law of the covenant.  And then, those were all the final words of Moses.

Chapter 34  It is appropriate that the final chapter in the final book of the Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Bible) end with the death of Moses.  It reports the death of the great leader and reminds us that he didn't set foot on the promised land.  He was praised as an unbelievable leader of the nation!   And!!! OH!!! Did you catch and notice who buried Moses?!!! Go back and read verse 6!!  Look and figure out who the "He" is!!!  The Lord himself buried Moses!  He was mighty in power and awesome in deeds!

Tomorrow:  Joshua 1-4!!!



  1. I was sad when Moses died. I'm kind of looking forward to meeeting the new guy though. I know you'll be singing the song! ysm