Sunday, March 8, 2009

Deuteronomy 24-27

Day 67
Government! Time change! Why do we do this?!! It's already nine o'clock!!!! Church time before long...not much time to blog!!!
Chapter 24 Verse 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helloooooo?!!!! I love this!!!! What a great idea! And God even says so!!!! For a husband to stay home for a year to have no other duties but to bring happiness to his wife!!! In other words....marriage is important. We don't get this pleasure in our contemporary society today, but God is making the point that marriage is sacred and nothing should be placed above it. This is not a law we can literally follow, but must take to hear the spirit of the law!
Chapter 25 These are a lot of verses about "if then's" If this happens, then do this. If a brother dies without a son, then the widow must not marry outside the family. If two men are fighting......if you have different sizes of weights for selling and measuring....etc. These continue with the commandments about to take care of the poor among you, what is rightfully yours....Moses is reminding the to live their life as free to live outside of slavery and Egypt. They are at the very treat each other fairly. Surely after Egyptian slavery, that is the least they can do to and for each other. This life of conduct is based on God's commands to live a life of justice, truth, and community.
Chapter 26 Give your first fruits as a tithe. A tenth for the Lord and save the leftover in the fields for the poor and widowed, the fatherless and stranger in the land. Follow the Lord's command for your possessions will be yours as God as promised. Trust in the Lord, follow Him in all of your ways, that is what Moses is preaching to them be a holy people to the Lord their God!
Chapter 27 Curses and blessings! As they make an altar on Mount Ebal they are to do it exactly as the Lord commands! They are to do it in the exact place where the Lord commands. They are to eat and fellowship there as the Lord commands. They are to use the uncut stones that have not been used by tools. The place of worship is to be distinct from heathen altars, which use iron tools to cut things. This altar is to be guarded and set aside for worthy worship of the Lord. Then certain tribes will stand on Mount Ebal and pronounce curses from it. These curses here are repeat almost of the 10 commandments. Cursed are those who break the 10 commandments. They must keep their allegiance to these commands. We are called to do the live well and love well!!!
Tomorrow: chapters 28-29
Praise God from whom all blessings flow..............

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